Could you be a volunteer?

Our volunteers do all sorts of things:

  • Help with play sessions with a vulnerable child in a local school
  • Visit families facing practical or emotional difficulties
  • Drive someone to a hospital appointment
  • Take someone shopping, do the shopping or look after the children while the parent goes shopping;fix up some shelves
  • Staff the Drop-in Centre, talk to mums, play with the kids or any one of a hundred things that may make all the difference

Our volunteers are acting like salt in today's society, seeking to preserve family life by showing God's love and concern. 

Is there something you could bring to this work?

Have you an hour or two a week to spare?

We would love to add you to our group of volunteers seeking to make a difference to Seaford.

If you want to help please contact us.

All volunteers receive training on child protection, confidentiality  and personal security.  Every client situation will have been visited and assessed by our Family Worker and the needs will be in line with the skills you can bring to the situation.