We can offer access to counselling/therapy to our clients, irrespective of age, gender, sexual orientation, culture, race or religion.

The first step is in recognising and acknowledging that there is a problem, either with our selves or in relation to other/others. Admitting to our selves and being real/honest about our issues is essential for any healing/problem solving to begin..It is generally seen to be the hardest part, but is where healing starts.

For healing, this awareness needs to be acknowledged to our selves and to another human being.  Counselling4you allows this to happen gently and naturally in a place where the problem/difficulties of the whole situation can unfold and be held in a safe place.

For us, counselling/therapy is about building a solid and trusting relationship with you, therefore we try to walk along side you on your journey, taking on with you what ever happens on that journey and staying with you what ever direction it may take. In this way we believe that you are strengthened in order to be able to face the difficulties you face.

It is not just about dealing with what is damaged, it is also about, nurturing what is best, constructive change, better communication, and managing your life more effectively by taking advantages of new possibilities and perception in life